Software system

The Software system for the whole project: A straw man plan

The software for SONG as already developed (a preliminary version being tested at the Danish prototype) is the backbone for SONG-China project. The software servicing the Chinese SONG node will be a very close clone of that of the prototype, except minor customization to our hardware and interfaces. 50BN will basically share the local infrastructure, as well as the networking plan, at each node with SONG, therefore, a large part of the software will be similar. The interfaces to telescope and instruments, the data reduction pipelines and task handling routines etc., will be written from scratch.

A team for software developments for the whole project (including SONG and 50BN) has been formed, with its members coming from all our national partnership parties. A tight link with the Danish team has been established. As SONG evolves to its full configuration, more and more institutions from partner countries will join the work. Please check the following link to get a straw man plan of our software system.

Software Sketch V1 (2011-10-27)